From here to infinity

Clevedon Marine Lake is the world's largest seawater infinity pool - and today there was a handful of brave people swimming in it, while others practised canoeing. It looked most inviting in this afternoon's blue-skied sunshine. We walked along the sea front without coats, it was so mild (although we had woken to cold fog). My Extra shows Clevedon Pier. 

Our afternoon outing only took us one junction up the M5 and was intended to be a short trip. It was very pleasant walking along the coastline in the warm sunshine, but the journey home took rather longer than we'd planned. We'd already spotted the long tailback, with traffic standing stationary on the southbound motorway, as we drove north. People were outside their vehicles chatting and making the most of the nice weather, or on their mobile phones, perhaps warning whoever that they would be delayed.

So we decided to head home via the back roads, but we hadn't reckoned with all the delays on these roads, too. After sitting in queues on the main roads, we left them and drove through lots of little villages new to us, admiring the lovely landscape. However, by the time we arrived home, having picked up fish and chips on the way, it was almost 7pm. Hmm!

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