By LornaLPodcast

Soundscape for September 1st 1939

Student team member Alex Gencs has provided our blip for today. He explains the image as follows:

'I have worked on the soundscape for the first entry of the diary, which mentions the invasion of Poland. I have recorded sounds for the Jericho trumpets for stuka fighter planes (the JU-87) used by Germans at the time. I also recorded the siren by using my electric guitar with a metal slide and my amplifier; the artillery by slamming the lid of the big wheelie bins; the gunfire with plastic bottles; and the explosions by dropping books.

'I edited and layered the sounds together, then bounced all the sounds that I created. I created a separate Protools session for the soundscape editing. I automated the pans for the stuka fighter planes and the sounds of the explosions. I also panned some of the explosions left and right that can be heard in the soundscape. In addition, I panned the gunfire to both sides to give the impression of two sides fighting a furious battle.'

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