Drumming snipe

Two new things for me today. 

Firstly, I didn't know snipe lived up on the moors but, thanks to a lady I met who'd been out since 5.30, I discovered they not only live up there but that they make a strange sound that the gamekeeper had told her was them drumming.  She hadn't seen them so I didn't know what the drumming involved and wasn't sure I'd get to hear it.  I almost didn't walk a little bit further but I'm glad we did.  

I heard a strange sound that I assumed was the snipe but could hear it in the sky - not where I thought a drumming bird would be.  It was a little bit like the sound of a metal sheet being waved up and down. But, sure enough, there were some birds buzzing round and diving.  The drumming, I now know, is those two tail feathers vibrating when the bird hits 25mph.  This video gives a good impression of their speed and sound.

They weren't the easiest bird to catch which is where fact number two comes in - the sniper - a skilled marksman and expert hunter, originating from the difficulty in shooting this speedy, random-flying little bird.  

So am I a sniper?  
Not with 200 photos of varying degrees of blur, no.

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