The forsythia shrubs in the garden are in full bloom and are acting as a yellow background for the one tulip bud in the latest bouquet, which is positioned in front of the window. I am guessing this one will be yellow to orange (although most of the flowers in the bouquet are shades of pink). We will see/know later this week.

Thanks so much for all the Abstract Thursday entries, most of them with the optional theme of 'repetition'. You can find all of them (if tagged AT351) in this collection.  This coming Thursday the optional theme is 'reflections' and the tag will be AT352. Reflections don't only have to be the watery kind, there are many materials that reflect !!

Here's the list of 5 special entries from last Thursday:
BanksiaMan                      palm leaves curves
c1aire                                 buttons
Jon_Davey                        seaside waves
madowoi                           icy selfies
Anneli                                 wood nerves

And thank you very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's frogs :-)

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