ALL about ME..for now

By Mobius

EG II - Tranquility

Edit Part II of Enola Gay following EG I - Carnage.

My lovely friends for the night M & L, in the uber-vets section with raised seating out of harms way of the mosh pit. Needed a sit down as did the other guy whose arthritis is worse than my mild affliction. 

Would've loved to have accompanied them to the pub afterwards, had I not been driving and tired.

~ buddies getting a better view 
~ some nearby vets. Together I think we reached critical mass

Church & Ukraine
Benefice service at our church with the Ukraine national anthem played by our organist again at the end. Spread the word with much diplomacy about our village Ukraine refugee support group for any that choose to escape to our village. I explained to our vicar and people from a nearby village, that it was all about cooperation, not competition!

The King is quite a lot better today, and my daughter looks much less tired too. 

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