‘My Happy Place’

Running is my ‘happy place’….or nowadays rather more like jogging - but as far as I am concerned, it’s still running!

This place has become a key part of it recently. It’s the prom that runs around two and a half miles along the Firth of Forth west of Edinburgh. I first started running here nearly 40 years ago when, as an unfit and overweight 30 something, I first discovered running.  

Of course I rediscovered it when parkrun started nearly 13 years ago, running (and racing) here with several hundred other people.

But it’s been during and since the Covid lockdowns that it’s become not just a ‘nice place to run’ (no traffic, nice view etc) but also a great place to run on my own (slowly and with no pressure) - a haven in which to find tranquility and solitude and get myself back on a more even keel.

And especially in the last few weeks, faced with the most horrific images on our screens, accompanied by an increasing sense of general foreboding, I have been appreciating this haven - ‘my happy place’ - more than ever! 

(Colour in extra).

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