Musing of a Lady

By Inkstainedhands

Sunshine and Spring

What a lovely day today has been. Little Man and I went into town with my in-laws to hang around and get out the house. The weather was lovely and thus proved a good excuse to wear my sunglasses. We didn't stay long in town and came home before lunch as I had a mountain l laundry I wanted to do whilst the weather's been nice so I could hang it up outside to dry.

Little Man and I spent most of the day hanging out in the conservatory again and he enjoyed his brief visits to the garden to watch me hang the laundry up. He's a happy little chap and spent a lot of time giggling loudly. He's also trying to wave but ends up swinging his around more like a windmill than anything else. It's quite funny to watch.

I did add some extras to today's post, of the stream that runs near our home and of Ash, the cat, wondering about in the garden, his unnatural environment (his natural environment being on or in someone's bed).

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