a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Hovering tapered drone fly

Gloriously sunny here today.  I've largely been lost engaged in sitting outside and reading the most recent Strike novel by J K Rowling writing as Robert Galbraith.  Cathy was given it at Christmas and now that she's read it, I'm allowed. 

I've been rethinking how I have the camera set up for moving objects, and took an hour or so to play with different configurations.  I've been a committed back button focuser for some years, but there are some advantages with the current camera in freeing up that back button so that it allows me to more quickly swap between some of the various available autofocus modes.  

I needed moving objects to practice on and this hoverfly and some bee flies were quite useful targets for a while.  This is a male Eristalis pertinax, which I now know (thanks to the very helpful people on the UK Hoverflies group that JDO directed me to) is differentiated from the similar Eristalis Tenax by the light coloured front tarsi.  

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