Marking Time

By Libra

Meet the Dancers

One effect of the pandemic is that it has speeded up changes coming down the line. Take tonight’s webinar Meet the dancers online by Scottish Ballet, something unheard of prior to lockdown.
This innovative event  provided an opportunity for people from all parts of the UK to meet and chat with three professional dancers .
It helped to put a human face on the world of ballet, which often seems remote and aloof from the real world.
While we are aware of how physically demanding their lives must be it came as a surprise ot learn that the mental demands were perhaps the hardest, but all three spoke highly of the support they received from Scottish Ballet.
The dancers are taking part in five new ballets commissioned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Scottish Ballet.

Photo: screenshot- dancers are Harvey Littlefield,  Amy McEntee  (bottom left) and Alice Kawalek

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