You Are / Were Here...

... kaboom. 

Please indulge me. 

We are on Ynyslas beach, Ceredigion, Mid Wales. 

We are walking through the dunes, hoping to hit the beach, and we come across this notice board. 

And a shoe. 

Zoom in on the top left image on the notice board, and you will have an insight to my warped sense of humour. 

We did hit the beach, played endlessly with Hollie who just goes crazy in the sand, and the sea. She adores the beach. 

We walked about two miles, took photos and sat in chairs to have a sunset  lunch / evening meal. 

It was spectacular. A great day for this little gang of crumblies. And we didn't at any point spontaneously explode. 

Even better. 

More tomorrow. 

The extras show some of the views, Ynyslas being the very best beach in the known universe. In my opinion! 

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