By Lsquare

Think On These Things

This was a special weekend for the youth in our church, a kind of in-house retreat with the focus theme of Pure Life.  They stayed in church member's homes in small groups for Bible Study and came together as a whole group for times of worship.  Somewhere in between those activities, they had some fun, were fed and possibly even got some sleep.  During this morning's service at FBC, members of the youth band led the congregation in worship and praise, giving the usual crew of choir, orchestra, accompanists, Second Mile, Daniel and Ben or Gabe, the morning off.  Before Pastor Wes took us back into Philippians, we were blessed by a baptism.  After that, Pastor Wes called our attention to verses 8-9 of chapter 4 where we are given some things to think about to help us stand firm in our Christian beliefs in our unstable world.  Because of the special focus for our youth, he urged them to begin now to live a pure and God-honoring life in all areas, but he did not let the rest of the congregation off the hook.  He said we could apply the same principles, live as examples and pass  those principles down.  Check out the live stream for all the details on how we can do that.  At the end of the service we prayed specifically for our youth.  I wonder how they will go out and bless the world because of lessons learned this weekend..... 

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