simple moments

By simplemoments



from the bargain bin

can you see it?

the heart, i mean - it’s not quite as - obvious as i’d - like it to be - but if you look - you can tell - it’s there, really

here’s the thing - i believe if we look - we can always find - hidden treasures in nature - that were put there - specifically for us - by abba for us - to find to perk - up our day - to give us a - small amount of joy - a jolt of pleasure - it’s a small gift - from him to us - to say ‘hey, i’m here and - i care about you’ - so i tend to make it a point - to look for these gifts - all the time - some are quite - obvious while others - well, not so much - you sort of have - to suspend disbelief - in a way - like here with this - little hydrangea flower - because one could - argue that there’s - no heart here at all - whereas i chose to - believe there is - and therefore make it…


happy day.....

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