By misterbee

Portrait - Work In Progress

Whats that Anna?

Thats Daddy

Phew, sometimes I can be pretty grumpy so glad to see I'm captured here with a smile.

It's a sign of things to come and I have 2 quick stories about very young kids drawings done at school.

1. My nephew drew a picture of Mummy and Daddy and Mummy had 2 very (very) big circles drawn on her body side by side, just under her head...above the waist with dots in the centre. One for the fridge then!

2. Our friends son drew a picture of 2 people and him. "Who's that?" That's me and my Mummy ..." "And who's this" That's "Uncle Ian"......

Thing is his Dads name is Ian and he got a bit confused as he has a cousin around quite a lot calling his Dad Uncle Ian...Not sure the school are aware of this so they are probably thinking - "..so that's how it is round their home eh...!

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