Wild Spring

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This little flower has exploded in some places in my garden, there is masses of it & usually by wet places, the end of drains, near the pond, near a puddle which hardly ever sinks back into the ground - I think it's the member of the chickweed family, or willowherb because of its spurs, which will one day be seed, no wonder it spreads like it does! But I'm not complaining, as it's such a pretty little flower, so overlooked, because it's a *weed* - well it's not, it's a wildflower & the food plant for so many - especially moths!

And my lovely robin...

Timeout with Larry

It blew a gale last night & rain thrashed against the window, all day the gales blew, but least the rain stopped. Last week I read that today (Sunday) it was going to be warm & sunny - so they got that wrong AGAIN! But Spring is coming, the hazel leaves are bursting in the hedge - once they start, it will happen - I hope anyhow! :) xxx

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