By Pinkhairedlady

Cleaning products for sale

Finally got round to sorting out my plastic boxes and cleaning products and whilst the boxes were sorted quickly, the cleaning stuff took a little longer! I was quite bemused to see how many types of product I had squirrelled away, I’m thinking of opening a shop! I’ll be able to take a few things to the food bank but annoyingly there seem to be a number of duplicate opened items. It seemed an appropriate blip for SillySaturday in memory of Admirer, thanks to davidc for keeping the challenge going.

Mr PHL rearranged two of the pull out drawers in the utility room cupboard and fitted an extra shelf to make it a more useable space. I need to move a few more things around but I think I’m finally getting there with having the kitchen the way I want it to look.

Ironing done, we had massaman curry for dinner and as I’m incapable of cooking small quantities, I was able to put another portion in the freezer.

Backblipped Sunday for Saturday and edited to change date to the 2nd!

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