One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Rob robbed

It was an intimate venue. Quirky and dark and underground, It would not comfortably hold more than 200. 
There were about 40. Mostly family and friends. A small gathering of people who knew Rob, and each other. 
And then there were BS and me acting as the general public. 
And Christy Moore who didn't turn up. 
Sometimes it feels so fundamentally unfair that so much talent gets so little exposure. 
Please do me a favour and check out Rob Corcoran Silence that inner voice that might tell you "oh shite, not another guitar-and-harmonica guy, BO-RING" Wait till he starts singing. Hear him. For his elocution is incredibly clear and his lyrics well above average. And he manages to make singing in tune seem effortless. 
When I see commercial mediocrity (I'm looking at you Justin Bieber) raking in stardom, and adulation, and exposure, and massive amounts of cash, I can't help but feel that Rob is being robbed. 

Check him out on Spotify. His name is Rob Corcoran. You can actually do better than that, if you like his songs, and you most likely will, check out this album Because Spotify pays fuck all to struggling artists. 

The best thing though is to see him live. BS and I were privileged to do so. Last night. Along with his ma and aunties and cousins and his cousins' partners and about 20 childhood mates. 

I am indebted to Ottawacker for introducing me to Rob Corcoran's music. 

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