While on my runs

By waipushrink

Her new MacBook Air

A couple of weeks ago, S had trouble getting her computer to start up. It eventually did, Only to refuse to start up again within a couple of days. And that time permanently. On Friday I took it to Ubertec, the local Apple suppliers, repairers and generally good guys for people like me. 

Yesterday they reported to her on the problem. It would be possible to replace the damaged logic board for close to two thirds the cost of a brand new one. Sensibly, she chose the new one as that will be covered for any malfunction for three years.

Today I picked it up, as they had transferred everything from the old one onto this, and it was all ready to carry on from where the old one stopped. Although she would have preferred a coloured one, Apple supply only silver or gold.

Much relief that all her writing appears to be intact. 

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