Life on the Wild Side

By WildEnglishGirl

Christchurch Castle

"The mound-top keep or great tower here was part of a large Norman castle that once dominated the town of Christchurch in Dorset. Nearby is the 12th century riverside chamber block known as the Norman House, one of the few remaining examples of domestic Norman architecture in England. Built in about 1160, it provided grand and comfortable living quarters for the lord of Christchurch. The tall circular Norman chimney is a particularly rare survival." Taken from English Heritage's website.

Today was the funeral of my hubby's maternal grandmother. Little Man and I didn't go to the crematorium because I didn't want him to be effected by the sadness and vibes of the place. We joined the rest of the family for the celebration service, after which we walked back to Travelodge afterwards. The weather was lovely and I wanted to stretch my legs. I also wanted to clear my mind. We crossed the Avon River and went past the castle. I had get photos but couldn't stay long due to Little Man's push chair wasn't designed for exploring castles.

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