On the road...

By johnsmiley1321

trying to get that water out of the ears....

Oh where to begin today... At least it started out right by sleeping in until 03:00...  So back when the company switched from paper logbooks to electronic logbooks (as required by law in 2017), the entire company of 20,000 trucks were fitted with Android 7 tablets - and the company software to go with it.. Well they were switched off the 6th of April - and all were supposed to have been upgraded... but with so many... some like my truck fell through the cracks.. All trucks have Android 10 (which is being upgraded) or like my truck now has Android 11. Not a whole lot of differences in the software we use now but in different places / file folders and.. Of course the biggest issues for me was the tablet wasn't charged when I got it so it stopped working halfway through training, and I had to wait until it had enough charge to finish.. the keyboard was set to tiny by default so with my fat fingers I was pressing 4 keys at a time..  logbook set for east coast time - need to be set for where I am dispatched out of - pacific time and... I think I got the basics down but will know Monday after my first trip with it..

After work I headed down to the river / lake and the river was flowing so fast along with the wind - there were wonderful "splashes" on all the logs. I saw 4 different kind of ducks, the swallows, some seagulls and these cormorants... A nice walk after a challenging work week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend..

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