By AH14

Sloth (and Red Panda)

This was so very difficult to photograph, what with his tendency to hide amongst the foliage, his very slow nature and the high humidity of the tropical enclosure (steaming my lens up and making it near-impossible to focus), that it just has to be my blip!

You may well prefer the red panda in extras, who was also a very elusive character!

The trip to the zoo was a birthday gift (last month) from one of my sons and his family :). A lovely time was had by all!

Mum's in hospital at the moment. She gave me quite a scare yesterday but I've visited her this evening and she's looking a lot better.

Tiger in my b&w journal

Portrait of a Giraffe in 'My Third' journal

Thanks very much for everything for yesterday's EB!

Ann :))

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