By MerrilHope

Are you ready?

After school auditions for Thursday's "LISE LIVE XXVII" student concert. Most, but not all, were good enough. Some were much, much more - what a talented bunch !! Tomorrow is the personal trial as it includes all the Metal bands - Megadeath is like Schubert in comparison to some of the stuff they choose to play - but that's just fine - really. I organise this concert for the kids and I don't have to like the music to understand whether or not they play it well. This isn't about me it is about them, and most of the school will show up on Thursday to listen, watch and have a great time, and that is what it's all about.

Istanbul today was beyond Grismal. Total cloud, 11ºC, gusty 18 m/h Northerly winds and very wet rain !!

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