Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Tea-time together

Made a social call at her, who's one of my mum's life-time friends.
 We both were most pleased to see we're doing OK, she for having me around and I for seeing she's still here with us. We'd met last time  little , before I left for Crete

She and mum became friends when they got to know one another as new neighbours in Inodonesia, where both their husbands had been detached as Shell employees. and as relatives didn't live nearby, we children were taught as expats to call all the friends of our parents "aunty" and "uncle" A title those friends kept for life from us all. So here's my auntie who's still with us! 25 years my senior she is and still going strong and managing life singlehanded in her house ~ like the lady I pictured the other week in the doorway to her home.


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