That Monday Morning Feeling.

B wasn't feeling very well this morning, only with a bit of a cold, he'd have liked the day off school but decided to go. Unfortunately I was a bit suspicious because last night he was complaining of being 'sniffly', giving me the puppy dog eyes and his fake cough, and making us laugh. Got to school with H and realised we'd forgotten her PE kit, so a friend walked her in while I ran home to get it, luckily we live close by. While I was walking Eddie at the park I bumped into a friend who asked if H had done the lunar phases homework, no she hadn't, neither had they, or the rest of the class it seems. Missed a parcel delivery while I was out too.

Obviously going to take us all a few days to get back into our usual routine, possibly not the best night to be trying out a new recipe on everyone, it smells ok so far....

This is one of those camera through the railings, one handed, over the lake, holding on to Eddie shots, quite like all the textures though.

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