By karenmace25

cross your legs......

i know the feeling today! The ripping out of our bathroom started this morning and it's been chaos and extremely noisy!! And plus we knew we had to get up early so didn't sleep well so we're all nodding off this afternoon! So now we're reliant on the downstairs loo and kitchen sink for our toilet and washing needs..... or the garden LOL!  All good fun and thankfully the house is quiet now, until tomorrow when we go again!

At least the weather has been on our side with lovely sunshine, but chilly wind!  So we headed to Southend first thing with more bags of stuff for the charity shop and a bit of lunch at Wimpy.  And this afternoon I've sought refuge in the shed and garden! Sorted some seeds out, got a new painting/upcycling project ready .. and now to enjoy the peace and get an early night!

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