Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

From the Flowerfields

April is the month that the bulbs flower and I'd hoped to find the fields near Lisse full of tulips, but alas... hardly a tulip in the fields now, but narcissus and hyacinth galore. The fields with hyacinth ofcourse have that heavy scent about them.

This lady happily posed for me and her man; she'd taken off her wintercoat to show this lovely dress from Vietnam, their homeland. They live here in Holland since decades and told me they're born little after the peace treaty of 1975. 

They told me they have no memories from the Vietnam war (what lasted 20 years) but they remember the aftermath of that war colouring their youth there totally. And now they have, like me, all the time the Ukranians in mind who suffer totally from Putin's insane warfare to erase the Ukranians 

~ Austria's PM chancellor Karl Nehammer met today with Putin in Moskow and he's summerized that his visit was: "Not in friendly atmosphere". and that their discussion was "direct, open and difficult ".
The Newpaper here wrote: "   
Nehammer's visit was not without controversy. "I will also address him about the war crimes," the Austrian chancellor replied when he received critical questions from journalists about how the visit to Putin was compatible with the actions of the Russian army and the expulsion of Russian diplomats.

According to Nehammer, it is necessary to maintain talks with Putin, despite the Russian aggression. "Everything we can do to help the people of Ukraine and stop the war, we must do."

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