The Noiseless Patient Spider

I have had a wonderful day in the garden. 

So there!

As well as working to tidy up the untidy, I have spent several hours photographing.

My subject today was intended to be flowers and abstract patterns. My focus was on the colourful Rhodanthemum (Marrakech) and an unidentified succulent that we bought at the weekend.

But I became completely absorbed in the antics of this tiny little spider. It was almost invisible to the naked eye and was rushing around on the succulent, throwing out strands of gossamer thread which circumvented the perimeter of the entire plant. It would not rest or sit still for a moment.

It seriously challenged my powers of focus and attention. As well as the capabilities of my camera and lens.

The photos in the main and extra are among the better ones. But not as sharp as I would like. It was tiny. The body was no bigger than a pin head and with the legs it was no more than 5 or 6 millimetres in total. 
And did I mention it wouldn't keep still!

The words of the poem, The Noiseless Patient Spider by Walt Whitman, seemed very apt.

Need to rest my eyes now, the strain has got to me!


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