By NinjaShoe

Worry wait

The Linton vet practice is tiny and they are continuing the protocols they had with Covid and not letting anyone into the building.  Instead clients wait outside in their cars which is far less stressful/sociable than squashing into the waiting room.

This is good except there are only two available car parking spaces  and so cars blocking other cars in is inevitable... 

Here are Jess and I waiting in the car for her to have an x-ray on her poorly foot.  I was worried but Jess was alert to all that was going on, and very sleepy when I picked her up an hour or so later (see extra).

Apparently the x-ray confirms the limp is due to arthritis and a particularly severe inflammatory reaction in one foot.  She's to rest completely for a further 4 days and then we can gently re-introduce the walking.  

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