By bgleyna

Sutton Park and Beth

The day started off great with a full English breakfast cooked by Kevin - what a great host! Then it was a bit of a rush to pick up Kevin’s car from the repair shop and get to meet up with Beth, Bryn and Paul for lunch on time. Well, we were very late and they had been waiting patiently for us for about 45 mins!
After lunch Beth and I had a much needed walk in Sutton Park while the guys all went back home with Paul to watch an important football (soccer) game between the two teams they support. All ended well in a 2-2 draw. I was there for the end of the game but could hardly keep my eyes open!
Ended up in The Duke on a lovely site at Kingsbury Water Park, that sadly we never got to fully enjoy (apart from the hot showers with heated floors, which was nice!)

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