Grumpy Old Man

By Maurice1948

Eagles and dinosaurs

Rain overnight, but it gradually improved and after lunch I drove down to Dunollie where I'd agreed to meet the part-time gardeners who are trying to tidy up the garden behind Dunollie House, most of which is now run by a Trust.

We spent a couple of hours looking at the old trees and fallen shrubs and I gave them what advice I could, though I was really saying 'This is what I would do if it was mine'. There are some lovely old trees there, but it needs a really good tidy up before they can start to add other features such as a glasshouse and gazebo. I think there are too many groups all wanting a say in what is done!

My Blip today is of a beautiful carved raven on what was once a large Scots pine. The creature below might be a dinosaur or the prow of a Viking longboat - I'm not sure!

On the way back I took a few more pictures of the 'Blue Clipper', still anchored in Oban Bay, and put one on as an extra.

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