Another Peacock

G and I did the Bayfield Bird Walk this morning, what a difference - the birds sang all the way round, there were peacock, green-veined white, holly blue and orange tip butterflies, a couple of roe deer (see extra) and we saw a treecreeper, a sedge warbler, a white throat, a grey wagtail and two goldfinches mating (it was extremely quick!). Of course, they generally weren't co-operating when it came to having their photo taken. I also did step 2 (treatment) on half of my paving - I was in the middle of it when I got a phone call. Struggling with the protective gear I was wearing, I answered and it was the Toyota salesman who said 'as you know, your new car should be ready to collect next week' - that was news to me, I've been very unimpressed with him.

What on earth have we come to when the Govt thinks it's a good idea to send often traumatised illegal immigrants 4,000 miles away to Rwanda (of all places) at huge cost - words fail me that a civilised country thinks this an appropriate thing to do!

Day 759 / Day 50 of no Legal Covid Requirements in England (for my record only)
The ONS infection survey of private households shows a drop in numbers from last week, but numbers are still very high with c4.4m in the UK having the virus to 9th April. 1 in 14 had the virus in England (down); 1 in 17 in Scotland (down); 1 in 13 in Wales (same); and 1 in 19 in NI (down). Cases are still climbing in NE England, which has the highest rates in the UK. The NHS is still under a lot of pressure due to the sheer volume of Covid patients and staff off due to Covid. A record 6.2m are now waiting for routine NHS treatment. A&E is still extremely stretched with only 71% of patients being seen, treated, then admitted or discharged in under 4 hours (87% in Mar 2019 pre pandemic). NHS leaders say the health service is facing an Easter as bad as most winters. The MHRA has approved the Valneva Covid vaccine, the first approved in the UK to use the traditional vaccine method where it contains a whole inactivated copy of the virus. This is the vaccine that the UK had a deal to receive 100m doses of the jab, but cancelled it in Sept due to a 'breach of obligations'. It's another two dose vaccine, but this one is approved for those aged 18 to 50. Some experts believe it may be more useful for future emerging variants. The MHRA also approved the use of the Moderna vaccine for children aged 6 to 11. 

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