today's another day

By dbrereton

Knowl Hill

In my efforts to turn off or silence my entrepeneur gene, I have a number of hobbies and distractions.

People say it's ok for you as you have your own business, which is often a throwaway summary of a perceived list of benefits that we milk and abuse.

The irony is that in running of a business like I do I am a sitting duck for the tax man with no hiding place. And rightly so, my aim is to pay more and more as in simple terms that must mean we're more successful.

The one thing you can't easily do is however switch off. Even now wrting this I'm having to think of work.

My 3 words for 2022 are Balance, Develop and Smile. (Google : Chris Brogan My 3 Words) and having a go at painting is part of Balance...not working as much.

Actively not working.

Since Covid this has been a lot harder. I was always good at working and playing but when there was no play, and when everyone needed our help, play got paused. Now I'm actively balancing that up, and it's hard work. Having every other Friday off feels bad, guilty but also necessary, essential and now I've got in the swing of it, perfect too.

Anyway, if you were expecting the speil to be about the picture it's more about the reason for it.

It's based on a pic [another obvious hobby I'm in year 6 of blip] from a run [again...] that I thought I could paint. I'm off to run there as soon as I've finished this this morning.

I can draw a bit, and I have a pocket watercolour set that a twitter secret santa sent me one year, that occasionally I get out. Its got 1 brush, a small one. I'm learning but this is ok, and yes if you wondered what a colourblind palette looks like that is another hobby of mine, being colourblind.

Anyway, happy Easter.

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