By mummacookie

Tired and down...

Its been the longest 4 weeks. The whole family has had covid. I was first and isolated in our bedroom to stop anyone else getting it. I got better just in time for the Easter Holidays and then my daughter went to her friends birthday party and she caught covid and now its been 2 weeks of Easter Holidays in the house.
This much time in the house has just made me feel so down and deflated and made me think about my life far too much. I just feel so useless :( I'm a full time mummy but that just seems pointless when they are all at school. Working would also be pointless though as child care would be the same as my wage and I have no one else who can drop them off or pick them up. I just feel like I'm useless. Like there's no point to me. I've been feeling this way for a while but the past 4 weeks seems to have intensified it...

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