By oteyen

Purple orchid

Orchid such of forest wild flowers, they growing easily in the forest ....with thousands of variety, every of them own specific unique mostly very attractive and own specific beauty.
Plant orchid at garden need good patience ....actually this flowers are easy to maintain ...when it bloom unlike others flower usually blooming for 2 weeks to a month, when it faded don't throw the plan just put and hang on side and another 8 months you can another beautiful orchid come out again.
People in orchid industries do lots effort to makes it growing even they also intimated the size of each flowers ....country likes Japanese loved this flowers as a high class gift, Thailand is the country whom always have competitions of orchid. Taiwan been best exporter this flowers ....Taiwan really study how to plant best orchid.
Actually forest of Indonesia own the most variety ....
Amazing this flowers have black colors, dark purple and blue
I myself always fall in love to flowers, but am not good gardener ....enough just enjoying ..,not seldom I come to orchid exhibition just for enjoying and looking for information about it technic.

Hopefully one day I have big land in Puncak or Bandung somewhere and hire a good gardener too plant orchid organic ways and my wish one day orchid ready in our salad bowl and can be eaten.

I think it's not big dream ...,wish me luck one day it comes true. Hehehe
My today blip !!! My hope and my dream.

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