Baby Blackbird's Blood On My Hands

I was already feeling sad as MrQ has strimmed the cow parsley and garlic mustard under the horse chestnut. I had asked him to leave it. He doesn't seem to respect or understand my interest in wildlife/wildflowers. :( I love the frothy blooms under the 'candles' in May and garlic mustard is a favourite of orange tip butterflies.

I took Ollie dog for a walk just before eight and heard the bubbling, liquid call of a young blackbird. I stood for ages trying to locate it. Eventually I spotted the poor fledgling hanging upside-down with a bramble thorn through one of its legs. I'm guessing it happened as it fledged. I crawled through the thicket and managed to release it. I could hear the adult blackbirds calling as I did so. I carefully wiped the blood from its leg with some fresh grass and set it down. It did not seem to be badly injured but I doubt that it will survive. Should I have put it out of its misery? Extremely sad now.

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