Northern Star

By Lifferz


Wanted to make a tart tatin this morning but was persuaded not to. Thankfully there was a change of heart and I made this deliciousness which was served with half fat crème fraiche. I used Raymond Blanc’s recipe which doesn’t contain vanilla. Pleased with how it turned out.

Spent most of the day trying to re-organise the kitchen cupboards which was a huge task. It’s been a somewhat fraught day with lots of compromises and disagreements as MrH and I have completely opposed ways of organising things but I’m struggling to find things as some parts of the cupboards are completely inaccessible due to their strange shape. MrH brings lots of bits and bobs back from his travels and when I recently opened the main cupboards looking for soup to be greeted by a walk of Diet Coke tins I knew something had to change.

So far I have a nicely sorted condiments and sauces cupboard, a massive box of tinned fish and a box of soups/ tinned meals.

Tinned spaghetti and beans are going on very visible shelves as they have the greatest turnaround. I’ve got trays full of pulses and rice. It’s like a rice library!

My discovery today was that I own an awful lot of honey (6 jars) and I’ve had to throw out quite a bit of outdated tea including some foul smelling roobiroos and also skullcap leaves. For the first time I think I know where every item of food is and there is nothing now shoved in a dark, inaccessible area that will be forgotten about (well except brewing equipment and a sous vide vacuum packer).

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