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Lloyd descendant family Easter holiday fun

Followers of this Blipfoto journal will recognise Bethany Ray standing to the right in this photograph. Bethany is playing her great-great aunt Lorna in the podcast series of Lorna Lloyd's Diary of the war. 

We blipped the war diary entries, alongside other creations by Lorna (including art work and poetry), between 1st September 2019 and 11th January 2021 in the Blipfoto journal LornaL. The podcast series will be available to download from Tuesday 24th May. This is the date of our podcast series launch event in Malvern, Worcestershire (UK), to which all blippers are welcome.

The others in the photograph are Bethany's brother and mother. If you followed the LornaL journal, you may remember Theo's heartbreaking letter about Lorna's burial to his father (then on active service in World War II) and the line 'I hope my little daughter may in her innocence and babyhood, help to fill the gap God has seen fit to make in all our lives'. Pictured here are the 'little daughter's' own daughter, and her two children, i.e. Theo's granddaughter, great-grandson, and great-granddaughter.

The poses replicate those of almost a century earlier in a photograph of Theo, Topsie and Lorna taken outside the family house in Sheffield in 1926. Note Lorna's great-great nephew's efforts to replicate his great-grandfather Theo's sullen expression! In reality the family was enjoying a fun Easter Sunday in Nottingham with other descendants of Theo.

The invitation is still open for blippers to chat to the P2P project team about their interactions with the LornaL blipfoto journal and (later) do the same in respect of our new podcast series. These contributions will help us with the empirical study that we are running alongside the practical work associated with creating the podcast series. If you are interested, please could you pop your contact details onto our online registration form? Thank you!

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