Lisa's life...

By lisa24270

One Hundred & Nine

Not strictly a close-up but they're tiny! I'm very impressed I had left them untouched until today...himself came in from in from work and pinched one though so got a telling off as he's meant to be on a diabetic reversal diet! What a ninny.

Had an extra borrowed doggy walk today which was a very welcome break from the desk. Not particularly busy with work work but the old black dog has been chasing for the last few days and I'm getting easily frustrated and impatient. So Roxy time was a wonderful distraction :) 

One of those days where if there wasn't a to-do list I'd have stayed under the duvet and hidden away. This too shall pass and Summer will be here before I know it!

I'm planning to set aside some time to browse your journals later; I'm terribly behind again, please accept my apologies. 

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