Patriotic Americans

Must say how impressed I am with how Patriotic Americans are. The Stars and Stripes are flying everywhere. At petrol stations, shopping centres etc. they tend to be these HUGE flags. You can get a scale from the bikes and people below.
Left Las Vegas heading for Victorville. Calm to begin with but the forecasted 50 - 70 mph winds soon showed up. Makes for uncomfortable riding as you are constantly correcting your position after getting blown across the traffic lane.
We left Nevada, and entered California, at 10:33 (yes, I know, I had to look at the clock on the
bike to get that).
Stopped at Kelso after traversing the Mojave desert for a few miles. Still had a lot of desert miles to cross, but there is a road, of course!
In the Mojave there is the largest area of Joshua Trees, I think, in the world. Quite amazing to see.,to%20the%20sky%20in%20prayer.
Our guide told us that even the small ones, approx 3 ft, are around 75 years old.
Also stopped in Amboy, where 'Roys' cafe, shop, garage is. Amboy was an important stopping place for the travellers making their way West looking for a better life.
I noticed my range (fuel) only had 16 miles left when we got to the end of the desert, and there was a 'gas' station, phew!
Now in Victorville. Not famous for anything except for being on Route 66!

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