By stuartjross


I cycled up to Loch Pattack to look at a project I may get involved in later in year. It was a green tender visit made without burning any diesel though I ate a lot of oatcakes and cheese.
I was also really annoyed with myself, a brief loss of concentration, saw my front wheel skid out sideways on loose gravel on a tight bend and I landed on the gravel, skinning my elbow, palm on one hand and top of thumb on the other. I also trashed the sleeve of my good jacket, a ripped hole corresponding with the scrape on the elbow. After ensuring no one had witnessed the crash I got back on and under way but I felt a bit shaky for a while.
That aside it was a brilliant day to be out and my longest ride of the year, 88km much of which was on gravel.
Picture is perhaps 2 miles from the loch taken on the approach. Extras

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