Event ...

Today I visited with Peter and Hetty van Veen the Professional Imaging Event in Nieuwegeins Business Center. It was a rather interesting event with accent on printing, cameras, accessories and all kind of trends in photography.

We also witnessed a world first! Especially for this event and only for this daywe could follow an extra workshop in Lightroom 5. When you go to the download part of the Adobe Lightroom site you ma download the beta version of LR5 and you can play around with it for free. There are some nice 'new' features.

Automatic elimination of distortion in architectural photography and a surprising new ability to vignetting to mention a pair of new features. You can go to the Adobe site and convince yourself ... ;)

In todays picture is Melissa, the model who performed in a workshop on 'how do you deal with your model during a photo shoot' ... ;)

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