Changeover day

We delivered Lis to the station to get her train to Stockholm, in glorious sun and with our tummies full of hamburgers, or in my case a halloumi burger. We saw Sheyde, Lis's older daughter - and her tummy full of baby! There's a lot of it about and she has the same due date as my lovely niece, which feel rather special.

We found out where our friends Lasse and Annika have their new treatment rooms, but they weren't there and didn't answer the phone. We will be able to see them later, but now we know where the place is at least.

Then we went to see our friends Livia and Roger who were in fine form after a week off work and lots of sleep. We were there ages and prosecco was taken - along with a very good fish soup that Livia produced as we watched. It's always good to see them, we have a lovely, happy time together, and we can have a certain amount of conversation that we can't have anywhere else - namely, campervans.

Keith was kind enough to drive home, allowing me to be the designated drinker. But when we tested our blood alcohol levels mine was almost low enough to drive. Interesting, I didn't feel clear enough to drive! We are both feeling a bit tired now, entertaining has been fun but a little down time will be restorative I think. 

Tomorrow afternoon a group of us are planning the Left party celebrations for the first of May. I am unmoved by this, having grown up where it wasn't celebrated I find it hard to get into the right flag-waving mood. But I will produce a poster and do some other jobs too. I've helped to organise two musicians anyhow. Might have another look at the dreaded long text now I have some headspace. Commenting is a bit thin on the ground, but I'm reading your blips! My blip is our socialist-coloured leasing car, dirty form the dirt roads, parked next to a car wash with a sign saying "pure pleasure" - literally "a clean joy" ! Not a great advert!!

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