Lyvedon New Bield

A splendid day out in the Northants and Leicestershire countryside with the RPS East Midlands group. We met at Lyvedon, a National Trust property not far from Corby.

Sir Thomas Tresham was responsible for designing the manor and this building heavily influenced by Roman Catholic iconography. He was a devout Catholic in the Elizabethan Protestant era. The masonry is very impressive. Apparently, he reduced costs by using raw materials from his estate. When he died in 1605, the stonemasons downtooled and never returned.

His son, Francis Tresham, was a spendthrift who continually drained his father of funds and was one of the conspirators in the Gunpowder Plot to blow up Parliament. It's said that it was his indiscretion that exposed the plot since he warned one of his friends not to go to Parliament that day.

He died before the date but that didn't stop him from being decapitated and his head exposed on one of London's bridges.

Our mission today was to select four of our photos and write a haiku for each photo. The collected haiku will be published in a book.

stately yet serene
testament to fervent faith
now empty, eyeless

Since Uppingham was on our way home, we stopped off to greet Clive and Elaine. We sat in the sun outside their sun house. The wind was keen though.

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