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By BarryBadcock

World Pinhole Photography Day

World Pinhole Photography Day

World Pinhole Photography Day falls on the last Sunday in April annually and this year it is celebrated on 24th April.

‘Our Paul’ at the camera club went through the making of a pinhole camera with a body cap a few years ago with us.

Last night in preparation I dug out a Canon camera body cap, frilled a 6mm hole in the centre and then covered this with foil. I then put a pin prick in the centre. 

My first attempt was a bit ham fisted and the hole was too large. 
The second attempt I slipped and the hole was an ellipse. 
The third attempt was just right. 

Sounds like the Three Bears Story :)

Off for a walk around the village this afternoon I popped this one off. 

I will look to see if a smaller hole works differently and I now I have another year to experiment.

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