The best moment of the day

In the morning I had to arrange a very important thing with health care, or more specifically a personal mobility aid. But things don't always go as easily as they should. I was quite frustrated, actually very angry because of the system where weaker people can't manage. Although I can do it, there are many many people who don't have energy or skills or anyone to help them to demand things they really need. Of course, here in Finland we have things very well, I could even say we live in different spheres, if the situation is compared to situations in many other countries. Still, some things could be better.

Anyway, when I was bristling with anger, we had a post packet. And what the delight it was! It was a late Easter gift from a dear friend. Complete surprise. Sunny chocolate chicks in eggs. How lucky you can be <3

A tin cup didn't belong to the gift.

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