By AnneILM60


I was out first thing to see about getting 2 or 3 of the hydrangea bushes finished up before the heat took hold.

While I was out there, my backyard neighbours were also outside trying to beat the heat. Lacey was telling me how the girls like to pretend that the knobs at the base of the tree are doors to places that characters live. Sometimes fairies, sometimes Pooh & Rabbit.

I told Lacey that she and the girls should “paint” doors on there and make little fairy gardens. Maybe make some pinecone people.

After the girls went inside for their nap, I placed this door (I had from my fairy garden) in one of the tree knobs and sent Lacey a text “The fairies must have heard us talking about them and have come to visit”

I gathered up what I had cleaned from the hydrangeas and burned it.

After going back inside and cleaning up from all the smoke smell etc I decided I’d done enough for the day and settled in with an audiobook.

This evening my sister-in-law came by for a visit as it is my birthday later this week. She brought some wonderful goodies from her & my brother. She also spent time talking to us about the choir she sings with and how much she is enjoying it.

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