Dutch Skies

By RonBuist

Valencia, day 4 - L'Hemisfèric revisited

As there was rain "promised" in the forecast, we had rearranged the locations we are visiting to make sure the indoor locations were saved for the rainy days. Today was supposed to be rainy, but we didn't get wet at all even though we did have some very light rain.

I'm glad we did get back to Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències after dinner. Lots of clouds in the sky so it didn't look very promising, but boy were we wrong! Since there was hardly any wind, the reflections of the buildings in the water were spectacular! This photo of L'Hemisfèric and the Museu de les Ciències is a panorama consisting of four different photos, stitched together in Lightroom.

One more shot of L'Hemisfèric in the extras, as well as a shot of the main hall of "La Lonja de la Sela" (Silk Exchange). The main hall is called "Sala de Contratacion", which means "Contract Hall". It is where contracts were worked out.

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