Cosy Old Cardigan

By Stacebob

Tipping Triangles 2

As I'm not in the office often anymore, when I do go in I tend to get an Uber there and bus back, and always end up at the office far too early. Today I decided to get the Uber to drop me off at a Costa Coffee near the office so I could treat myself to a breakfast bevvy, only to discover that Costa doesn't open until 8am..! Noooooooo... Though walking coffeeless to the office did mean I got this moody shot of Amanda Conner's tipping triangles water feature on the Uni campus, so swings and roundabouts. Twas a rather lovely day at the office in which we had our first full team face-to-face meeting for literal months which culminated in lunch at Gosta Green (a delicious katsu chicken sub for me). Good stuff.

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