Jillian's Journal

By Daring2Go

A walk to remember …

….. ….. up the Arrow Gorge.
We left fairly early, so that there’d be some sun in the gorge, after a fairly sharp frost. It wasn’t too bad really - I just haven’t got used to it yet! After all it’s still only Autumn. There are 2 more images in Extras, one is ICM.

Those trees! There’s no editing done to that colour. It’s how it was out of the camera, with slight lift to shadows lower left. The colours are stunning.
I’d taken my Sony camera with me, but the battery was flat - I thought I’d charged it on Wednesday - odd.

We had Family Happy Hour this evening around at my daughter & son-in-law’s. It was so lovely with 7 of us - but we’re missing the granddaughter who’s returned up to Auckland.
The now 11 month-old great granddaughter is determined she’s going to crawl up the stairs, and she can too. She turns round to see if you’re watching, and smiles very broadly at you!

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