Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Lisbon redeems itself

Fabulous breakfast in our equally fabulous hotel, then time to catch the 11:35 train back to Lisbon and our not so fabulous apartment. Lots of research into restaurants proved more confusing than helpful, so a nap was called for the refresh the batteries before heading out on spec.

Our memories of the city from thirteen years ago didn’t include how hilly it is, but this was made very clear to us as we made our way (downhill, fortunately) to check out the location of a left-luggage place for tomorrow and then on down to the Cais do Sodre area where the evening sun was being enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. On the way down there we treated ourselves to a refreshing cocktail in a really nice little place.

Further restaurant research led to a booking for 9:00 pm in a place in the Bairro Alto, a part of the city we had not at all liked last time. Our taxi driver somehow managed to negotiate the narrow hilly streets and dropped us off near our eatery. A wander before our booking time reinforced our distaste for Bairro Alto generally (imagine Dublin’s Temple Bar but even nastier) — but our restaurant proved to be superb: Versículo d´O FAIA. Lovely surroundings and really great food, which brought our last night in Lisbon to a perfect end.

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