By LornaLPodcast

Proofing the poetry booklet

Blipmeet - Great Malvern, Worcestershire - Tuesday 24th May 2022 - please spread the word!

Bruce has laid out most (all?) the content for our booklet of selected poems by Lorna.

As well as the poetry, we include a preface to chart the discovery and dissemination (to date) of Lorna's work, acknowledgements to thank all those who have made a contribution to the P2P project, and 'about the author' details.

There are four sections in the main body of the booklet, each to cover a period of Lorna's life: 1928-1930; the early 1930s; the mid to late 1930s; and early 1940s. At the start of each section we include one of the photographs of Lorna that we previously blipped at http://blipfoto.com/LornaL.

One of Hazel's current jobs is to proof read the booklet so that we can create the final master and send it for printing next week.

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